Emmett Kelly, Jr., the world's most famous clown, is a beloved
classic image of Americana- A Living Legend.

Emmett Kelly, Jr. is irresistible. His whimsical look as he trudges through a world of upsets and difficulties tickles the funny bone of even the most hardened audiences. They cannot help but compare some of Emmett's mishaps with their own. He really acts as an exaggerated mirror of ourselves. Through him, people can see the funny side to their own problems, and that is the secret of Emmett's appeal.
Green Stuff Licensing is the exclusive licensing arm of Emmett Kelly, Jr. The licensing of his products was almost non-existent until 1981. Green Stuff was careful in selecting its first major licensee because its marketing strategy is not to have fad-type licensing. A line of ceramic figurines was developed and through a well-planned merchandising program, the Emmett Kelly, Jr. figurine collection became the third best seller in America according to Giftware News.

Our retail base is very strong throughout the United States. Also, Emmett's collector society now totals over 50,000 loyal clownoisseurs. With this strong licensing foundation, Green Stuff has recently commenced an aggressive licensing approach to potential licensees. Our cooperation and knowledge will be available on a continuing basis to insure a fast start and the success of the licensees.

Licensing rights will be negotiated with qualified companies meeting Green Stuff's criteria. Emphasis on innovation, promotion, quality,
distribution, etc,. will be pertinent. Green Stuff's key approach is a well-controlled licensing program in various group product categories to insure retailer and consumer acceptance on a long term basis.

A new addition to our program is "LITTLE EMMETT", a whimsical character that portrays Emmett as a little boy. This adorable character is meeting with great success through our figurine line, and affords other licensee's the opportunity to branch out into the children's market.

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